Öppet på dagarna!

För er som missat har vi nu öppet under dagarna. Kom in på en god fika eller lättare lunch.

Nya öppettiderna hittar ni här på hemsidan.

Varmt välkomna!


  • I am usually on weisure time all the time I am away from work. It’s sick really. But it’s me. Being on maternity leave has helped me a little, because the resicnopbility of my position is on another person for the time being. But in the back of my head I am thinking of events etc that are coming, and wondering if tha person is handling it the way i would… and also wondering if they are doing better than I would. Mixed feelings.

    Bellaaugusti 7, 2016
  • « Déchiffrer la trame »? Oui, c’est excellent, Véronique,moi aussi c’est une de mes préférées! Elle a été primée et reprimée, celle-là, même aux USA. Nostalgique et superbe, une histoire de tapis qui contient la vie de l’héroïne déchiffrée du bout des doigts.

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  • “leave your money sitting in cash at .001% or take on huge market or credit risk to earn 7%”JJ you seem to be a bit pessimistic since you no longer can push a button to make a quick $10k.Why not take your cash and buy some hard assets like land?

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  • Show them guys … Show them guys they really deserve it. DESTROY ALL WHAT HAVE CONNECTION WITH CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, THEY MUST BE ELIMINATED OR IN OTHER WORDS SIX FEET UNDER Was this answer helpful?

    http://www./november 15, 2016
  • This is not an " affordable" healthcare act. It never was and we were lied to about it from the start. Dr.s are leaving practice b/c if it. We can't afford the entitlements we have already. Majority of voters don't want it. Why can't we start over and craft a better bill?

    http://www./december 30, 2016
  • my go to meal is nachos. As easy as plain cheese or as fancy as meat, guac, homemade salsa,crema and candied hot peppers from my garden. for crunch you can add cabbage or lettuce. In the summer the salsa can have fruit like mango or pineapple. nachos the perfect fast food plus peeps can make it just they way they like

  • Well, good luck with that. Though I will say, unnecessary confrontation can backfire. As long as you don’t bite off more than you can chew, you should be fine, I guess. Just don’t want to hear a news report that you got beat down trying to be a ‘bad’ boy. lol!Have a wonderful week!

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  • Oh wendy Pahang is MIL hometown dan home..MIL & Family Call this sambal is Sambal TUk TUK..sedapnya..nyumm..nyumm..eh sori sambal tuk tuk tak letak belimbing buloh tu..tp lebih kurang je..u should made sambal tuk tuk for yr blog..

    askmd.commaj 26, 2017